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robbers of 1993
, includes Edvard Outrata and his StB connection

company history

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Vincenc Josef Rott (1813-1890)

  • 1839 first business together with brother August, after a year they part to pursue their own businesses, August continues with manufacturing and sales of musical instruments
  • catalogues I1840 the «V J ROTT» business founded at Malé náměstí r.n° 10 - tools, fine machinery - and wholesale
    publishing of German-Czech price lists (catalogues)
  • 1855 business expanded and transferred to Malé náměstí r.n° 142 - the «V J ROTT» house

Catalogues IILadislav Rott (1851-1906)

  • 1872 overtook the business, together with Julius (who died 1876)
    business further expanded and developed
    publishing of Czech-German price lists (catalogues)
  • 1876 expanded into house r.n° 138
    and into the newly built r.n° 136
  • 1896/97 reconstruction of r.n° 142 - and commissioning the fresco facade by Mikoláš Aleš

Vladimír Jiří Rott (1885-1965)

  • 1906 overtook the business, 1908 brother Ladislav and sister Julia joined in - as minor, resp. silent, partners
  • 1912 expanded into r.n° 143 - bought a year before
  • 1914 Pilsen (Plzen) branch founded, «sold for a good price a decade later, to concentrate in Prague»
  • 1916 property r.n° 319 at Prague Holešovice bought, for «central warehouse with railway side track»
  • 1919 Ladislav Veselý (1900-1982), Vladimír Jiří's nephew, began his career in the company
  • 1922/23 joining the houses adjacent to r.n° 142, building the central hall with glass concrete cupola, the first in Prague, in the former courtyard
  • 1926 «after twenty years work arrived where we planned to be»
  • 1930 family stock company founded «full accord and paying out the hereditary shares in 1932», registered 1933/34
  • 1941 Ladislav Veselý became a minor partner
  • 1945 after a meeting with the president, who appealed on the wealthy of Czechoslovakia, Vladimír Jiří draws back all his funds invested abroad - to aid the reconstruction of the postwar economy, to the warnings of his less enthusiastic business friends he replied: «My nation will never deceive me!»
  • 1948 - the year of the «first robbery» - narrowly escaped his beloved country together with wife Růžka, barely saving their lives, «thanks to a warning of a decent communist, that a rope is being prepared for us»

    Vladimír Jiří

  • expanded the business considerably, including the traditional gross trade and distribution, into Czechoslovak and European industry
  • created qualified jobs «from the staff of over 50 in 1905, to some 150 in 1925, to over 230 in 1945»
  • introduced and developed modern management, marketing and promotion, accounting (controlling), supply chain management, employees' development, state of the art customer services and partnerships
  • had industrial business partners in Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, next to Czechoslovakia, with some substantial shares
  • as a man, and honorary consul of Norway, saves some of those persecuted by the Nazis, and their Czech collaborators, from death

    part of the V J Rott property at Malé náměstí and Linhartska street in the city of Prague (arial view)


Vladimír J Rott (*1950)

  • 1990/91 worked out, and fully succeeded with, his privatization project «V J Rott a.s.», including what survived the decades of decay, based on thorough business plan - starting over the business and country-wide expansion (before foreign competitors would enter the Czech market)
  • Since 1993 keeps on fighting to get the «second robbery» of 1993 to the Czech courts - his winning privatization project «exchanged» for the loosing one within corrupt Czech authorities. For those participating on the active side of the corruption process see the «BLACK LIST» right here bellow
    ...to be continued... as soon as a functioning legal system implemented in Czechia...

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 (robbers in order of their appearance)

Jana Outratová
Edvard Outrata *9.8.1936
Radim Kopecký *13.11.1936
Jan Soukup *21.6.1954
Jan Suk *10.4.1953

see also commercial register ...
search by company name (robbed as well), name/s, IC (47116145, 48026018, 26169436) - should you have problems, here is a copy of May 1998 (IC: 47116145)

... and StB files
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