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  • 1950 born in Prague, Czechoslovakia
  • 1963 first visit to my grandparents in Switzerland (the Iron Curtain opened a bit... fully breathing in the fresh air of freedom, for the first time in my life!)
  • 1968/72 studying (CVUT) and working in Prague (getting into some troubles, minor at first, for being much too a free citizen)
  • 1972 escaping «for America», via Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Austria (by foot in a beatifull moonlight night over the Arlberg) «got stuck» in Switzerland (do not complain, on the contrary!)
  • 1972/74 working in Thun (architecture, engineering - enjoying the people, country and atmosphere) and half a year in London (Baker Street)
  • 1974/78 studying and working in Zurich, graduated 1978 (ETH)
  • 1978/86 working in Zurich and surroundings (architecture, engineering), post/graduated 1986 (BWI, today MTEC, of ETH)
  • 1986/90 working in Zurich (engineering, project management, consulting)
  • 1989/90 setting up V J Rott in Zurich, as well as some partnership networks (project management, business & product development, media (film/TV), urban development, real estate)
    (1989/90 the Soviet empire dissipated)
  • 1990/91 first visit to my first home country, Czechoslovakia (after two decades, still a very «gray» country back then)
  • 1991/93 succesfully privatized the leftovers of my forebears' company V J Rott in Prague (only to get them robbed from the ministry – by the loosers, the CP-/StB-comrades), up to 1999 fighting to get three crisp-clear cases through the Czech courts (forget it over there!), im/passionately waitig since then (or is this for the grandkids to succeed?!)
  • 1991/99 working in Prague and Zurich, partnerships and further own businesses
  • 1999/2000 closing the Czech businesses
  • 2000/today fully based in Zurich, keeps on supporting the development of, and in, Czechia (and other such places) - economy, democracy, society

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