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How and when to liberate people from dictators, and when not
Is it really Blue or Red?
26.11.06 – reply to Michael Moore

Sovereign Dutch – sovereign Europeans
Sovereign Dutch citizens decide – and set an example for Europe
EU constitution and sovereignty
21.5.05 – speach at the ENC Conference, Amsterdam

Vladimír Špidla: "I do not think, that our political development would lead to referendum democracy"
14.5.04, BL / ERC, IRI-Europe, Mehr Demokratie, D-Europe

Bribing citizens – Czech 'government' and Czech citizens
24.4.04 – Re: "Cabinet offers compensation for long court proceedings"

Klaus fears to lose sovereignty, Czechs say
22.4.04 – inspired by an article in EU Business "Czechs to lose sovereignty, Klaus says"

Die „Zauberformel“ nüchtern betrachtet – Bundesrat, Stellenprozente und Qualifikation
(in German – Looking at the "magic formula" soberly – The Federal Council, Jobs provided by the citizens and qualifications needed)

Vrije Europeanen, laat u niet in het hoekje drukken!
De EU Conventie zou permanent moeten gemaakt worden en de EU Grondwet moet onder de soevereiniteit van burgers geplaatst worden
15.10.03, WIT (in Dutch/Flemish – Free Europeans, don't leave yourself alone! – EU Convention should be made permanent and EU Constitution put under citizens' sovereignty)

Free Europeans, don't leave yourselves alone!
EU Convention should be made permanent and EU Constitution put under citizens' sovereignty
26.8.03, Democracy Europe

CERGE-EI Prague, 11 November 1998 – conference & workshop organized by CERGE-EI, CPA, CSEE, ESCE/WSMO, HST, TI-CH, TI-CZ

Comments of Vladimir Rott
Countries' competitiveness vs. corruption
Hidden costs – hidden possible benefits
What may be done?
(excerpt from the report, pages 9 to 10)

Cost of corruption – benefits of integrity
presentation by Vladimir Rott
(PDF, 170kb –
excerpt from the report, pages 22 to 27)

Corruption – how, and why, to avoid it
complete report
(PDF, 640kb – 31 pages, presentations and speaches)

(report of June 1999)

The privatisation of Železářství V.J. Rott (V.J. Rott Ironmonger)
comments to an excerpt from: POLITICAL CORRUPTION, PRIVATISATION AND CONTROL IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC: A CASE STUDY OF PROBLEMS IN MULTIPLE TRANSITION. By Quentin Reed, Oriel College. Thesis submitted in September 1996 at the Faculty of Social Studies at the University of Oxford