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P R O G R A M  (draft)

" He who does not know has to believe."
--Jan Neruda

Beyond any doubt, Czech Republic - Czechia for short, a new name not yet fully in use for the lands of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia - will become one of the new European democracies. Yet, the big question remains: WHEN?

We, Czechs and Czech citizens - of all ancestors of our multicultural country, living in our home lands or any other land in the world - wish to develop our society and our country into one of the most modern of the world.

We are all born equal, it is the heritage we live in - or choose to live in - that allows for our happiness and our further development. Today, we can choose which heritage to bring to life in our country. Today, we have all the freedom we wish to take - at last.

New and old generations wish to build a better tomorrow - within our life times. Out of the ashes of the last century's totalitarian oppression and battered society, battered almost to the ground.

Beginning with the basics of human, social, economic and political decency. Rediscovering and reintroducing virtues of morale, ethics, integrity, dignity, responsibility, commitment, respect of each other, trust.

Overdue introduction of legal system, and equal access of each man to it. Introducing and developing advanced political system of citizens' care for their very own things and control of their very own things - things common.

We call your attention to the Swiss political system. A couple of generations ago created by the people for the people - for the most simple people - serving them, being constantly developed by them in the course of their life, while passing these skills to their children and to people entering their country and integrating into their society. Let's get to know this living experience.

Let's shape and develop our country together! That is politics, that is democracy.

Together with our partners, we do support any individual and any democratic movement, network demanding or introducing democracy - or even direct democracy, Swiss skills and experience - in the communities, regions, lands of Czechia and other countries of Europe.

Yet, under present conditions in Czechia, it seems that any changes towards contemporary politics and true democracy may be introduced through successful political parties only.

That means introducing democracy from above, similar to the way democracy has been introduced to some post war European countries half a century ago.

We wish to provide our support to such parties in Czechia, too.

So far, we have identified the very first Czech political party with such commitment and a potential to develop a sound expertize to implement these overdue changes - Cesta zmeny (Path of Change).

Providing access to European - and Swiss - expertize of developing, ranking and monitoring democratic systems is part of this our commitment.

NOTE - Some elements of advanced political systems are being described as direct democracy. Some of these 'efforts' may serve other purposes - even totalitarian - than introducing full participation of all citizens in their common affairs and control of people they work for and with them.

Only knowledge may give the necessary competence:

" He who does not know has to believe."
--Jan Neruda

cesta zmeny international