Milan Valach died – a Moravian on his way to more, direct, democracy

Milan Valach, seriously ill for some time, died on Saturday, 18 May '13, aged 57. He taught at the pedagogic faculty of the Brno University (Moravia, Czechia).

In the beginning of '01, supported and encouraged by Jiří Polák (Lund University, Sweden), he founded the Czech Movement for Direct Democracy ( A small group back then (meeting at the Café Slavia in Brno), which within a decade became a stronger movement and a source of Czech perception and interpretation of direct democracy.

(from left to right) Pavla Bařinová, Božena Šmajsová Buchtová, Josef Šmajs, Milan Valach, Veronika Valachová, Bohuslav Binka, Jiří Polák – at the Café Slavia, Brno, March '01
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vjr, May '13

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