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Promoting bussines relations with countries of Central and Eastern Europe, based on integrity, ethics, rule of law. Supporting workshops and exchanges. Providing business mediation.

ESCE Economic Forum Switzerland - Central/Eastern Europe (WSMO Wirtschaftsforum Schweiz - Mittel-/Osteuropa) was established in May 1994 in Zurich.

Practical experience has shown that substantial development possibilities and opportunities exist with regard to business and legal transactions between Switzerland and Central/Eastern Europe. However, the level of knowledge in Switzerland concerning the legal, social and economic conditions in these countries remains - even today - relatively small.

According to our experience, the problems arising in connection with commercial and legal relationships with these countries are all of a similar nature. Primarily, the problems concern not only linguistic difficulties, but also ignorance of the present - or not present - legal situation, questions as to the enforcement of contracts and an insufficient understanding of the prevailing lifestyle and business mentality. The ESCE intends to help remove these difficulties on the Swiss side.

Conversely, in the Central and Eastern European countries, there exists much interest in a cooperation with Swiss and Liechtenstein partners and a need to become familiar with the local business and legal conditions.


For this reason, we have established a permanent forum which offers the services and assistance of persons who are especially knowledgeable in the language and/or with legal and business transactions between Switzerland/Liechtenstein and the Central and Eastern European countries.


We cooperate closely with all other bodies active in this expanding field of European integration - commercial chambers, associations, governmental and non-governmental organisations - as well as a number of experts and personalities.

The goals of the Forum are:

  • promotion of the exchange of information and contacts between all interested individuals, companies and organisations - bilaterally as well as multilaterally
  • organisation of educational, informational and contact events in Switzerland and in the countries of Central/Eastern Europe
  • promotion of mutual know-how transfer, joint ventures and cooperations
  • acceleration of the handling of contract disputes by qualified professionals:
    • mediation as the first step in reaching an amicable settlement efficiently yet for a lower cost
    • only if mediation should not resolve all disputes, arbitrage may still follow as second step
  • informational and counselling services to accompany projects for Central and Eastern European countries and for Swiss and Liechtenstein investors.


The Economic Forum is organised as an association under Swiss law and is neutral in every respect.

Individuals, legal entities and societies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and the Central and Eastern European countries are eligible for membership - everyone interested in legal and/or business relationships between Switzerland and the Central/Eastern European countries..

You may obtain further information, including how you may join us, from the offices of ESCE
CONTACT, e-mail.

IMPORTANT - Do not forget to include your full name and address, as well as your e-mail, in the body of your message. We do not want to miss your data, and thus the opportunity to reply you. Thank you.