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Some links to begin with (check also the link sections of the web sites):

  • political rights on the Swiss federal level (just a part, other are at the communal and cantonal levels - on the nearest level possible)
    admin.ch/ch/e/pore (available also in the four confederation's languages)

  • legal state of democratic instruments (one of the best sources, database)
    c2d.unige.ch (C2D Institute at Uni GE)

  • politics (and democracy), economy and econometrics
    siaw.unisg.ch/kirch (SIAW Institute at Uni SG)

  • overcoming boundaries (mental, 'geographic') concrete ways out ('ready to implement')
    iew.unizh.ch/grp/frey (IEW Institute at Uni ZH)

  • uni-marburg.de and search there for > Suche : Forschungsstelle direkte Demokratie (type in and search = Suche)

  • Initiative & Referendum Institute Europe
    Initiative & Referendum Institute

info about (iniatives &) referendums & elections in Switzerland:

  • federal and local - votez.ch - overviews, independent comments - aims to move more people in Switzerland to vote - a good, even excellent, site from Swiss point of view, alas in German only - more languages to come?

  • federal - search.admin.ch - search there (e.g. with 'abstimmung', you'll get documents in German about referendums on federal level)

media on (direct) democracy:

european movements for more / direct democracy:

  • network for direct democracy in europe

european democracy internet forum:

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