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Citizens' Alliance for a European Convention
Change Europe bottom up!

a Europe
of all
the people


European Citizens' Convention

an ongoing, open – truly political – process of citizens, people, representatives


Why, and what

In the face of increasingly concentrated wealth and power...
      a reenergized, reconceived democracy – one based on consensus, equality, and broad participation – can yet provide us with the just, free, and fair society we want...
      – D.G.

What, and how

we demand – and work on... ongoing, open – truly political – process all diversity ...of citizens, people, their representatives ...changing and developing their very own common things common, including how (i.e. values, processes, institutions, instruments, rules and laws, written and/or lived) their communities, communes, cities, regions, countries, states, unions ...and beyond...

let's call it... give it a name...
      ...Citizens' Alliance for a European Convention... Citizens' Convention... Citizens-driven European Convention... Citizens' European Convention... Democratic Convention... European Convention...
      ...European Citizens' Convention

The Call

Since some time, people in Europe discuss more democracy, more participation – and, of course, more transparency (1) – in politics, and in the politics of Europe. Some of them, with the power of their NGOs and networks (2), already began to introduce more political rights – based upon basic citizens' rights, liberties, human rights and developing them further – in countries of Europe and in European politics.

On the EU level, the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) has been introduced in April 2012 – although not a full initiative yet, already bearing this name. As this precisely is the initiators' goal – to introduce more and more political rights in Europe, including the rights to initiative and referendum.

... (...currently working on it, discussing...

notes, remarks
(1) full, real, true openness, transparency means open data (and beyond), open info and all decisions, processes (open government and beyond) made available and understandable by everyone, so it may be used by all, in a fully, really, truly open society – NOTE: those not open are not, cannot be, valid
(2) see e.g. the ECI Initiative's ones

... (...have a look at the proposed themes:


[eu-ROPA] Revolution...? Occupy...? Peoples' Alternative !
          evolution united
          eu of all the people – ahead, behind, center,
          down, left, middle, right, top... in between...


Europe of all the people
·    ahead, behind, center, down, left, middle, right, top...
in between...
...working on issues, development of more democracy...
·    participation
·    sovereignty
·    subsidiarity
·    of all the people, in their politics,
·    their institutions, economy, society
·    and thus their happiness, well-being
...on more democracy in Europe – incl. the institutions, instruments of
·    european citizens' convention ecc
and constitution (rules agreed upon, written or not) ecc+c
·    european citizens' initiative eci
·    european citizens' referendum ecr
looking at the possibilites, potential, processes of
"european citizens' convention" of 2014-2020... ecc
...and beyond... a participative, ongoing process
participation of
·    all the people and (of course)
·    all their representatives
fair, inclusive, integrating, open
·    integrity, reliability, transparency
binding decisions, processes, results – incl.
·    rules, laws, citizens' initiatives, citizens' referenda eci, ecr
·    and (of course) constitution (written and/or lived) ecc+c
continuing discussion/discourse, agenda setting, development
·    by all – people, representatives
·    of all issues
concensus, continuity, development, evolution and (of course) solidarity
·    open agendas, issues remain "in waiting", discussion
expertise, qualification – given, learned, to be learned, to share, to teach
·    to respect and to include
sovereignty + subsidiarity
·    each one, all
·    people, representatives, ngo/s, groups, bodies, parties*
·    communes, regions, countries, europe and int'l

*as equal partners (none of them "priviledged", none of them "above" others)




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